search1 W2S3 [sə:tʃ US sə:rtʃ] n
1.) [C usually singular]
an attempt to find someone or something
search for
Bad weather is hampering the search for survivors.
search of
a search of the area
The police have already carried out a search .
Perhaps they will wait until morning before launching a search .
Rescuers were forced to abandon their search .
a thorough search of the undergrowth
I spent the next three hours in a fruitless search for a replacement.
The search is now on for a new management team.
a series of actions done by a computer to find information
search of
a computerized search of 10,000 medical journals
A search found 46 websites.
an online search
perform/run/do a search
Do a search on 'rabbit' and see what it brings up.
3.) in search of sth
looking for something
Mark went in search of water.
4.) [singular]
an attempt to find an explanation or solution
search for
the search for a cure
COLLOCATES for sense 1
carry out/conduct a search
begin/launch a search
call off/abandon a search
thorough/painstaking/systematic search (=a very detailed one)
fruitless search (=an unsuccessful one)
nationwide search
house-to-house search (=a search of every house or building in an area)
fingertip search British English (=a search for clues by police officers at the scene of a crime)
strip search (=a search of someone by taking off their clothes)
the search is on (=used to say that something is now being looked for)
search 2
search2 W3 v
5 search me!
Phrasal verbs
 search something<=>out
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: cerchier 'to go around, examine, search', from Late Latin circare 'to go around', from Latin circum 'around']
1.) ¦(LOOKING)¦ [I and T]
to try to find someone or something by looking very carefully
It was too dark to search further.
The area was thoroughly searched .
search for
An RAF plane searched for the missing men.
I've searched high and low (=everywhere) for my glasses.
search sth for sth
Detectives are searching the yard for clues.
search in/under/through etc
Alice bent to search through a heap of clothes.
2.) ¦(COMPUTER)¦ [T]
to use a computer to find information
search sth for sth
Search the Web for cheap flights.
3.) ¦(PERSON)¦ [T]
if someone in authority searches you or the things you are carrying, they look for things you might be hiding
search sb for sth
He was searched by the guards for weapons.
4.) ¦(SOLUTION)¦
to try to find an explanation or solution
search for
Scientists are still searching for a cure.
She paused, searching for inspiration.
5.) search me!
[i]spoken used to tell someone that you do not know the answer to a question
'Where is she?' 'Search me!'
6.) ¦(EXAMINE)¦ [T]
to examine something carefully in order to find something out, decide something etc
Anya searched his face anxiously.
>searcher n
search out [search sth<=>out] phr v
to find something by searching
We were too tired to search out extra blankets.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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